Covid-19 Fever Screening Station

COVID-19 Fever Screening

In the first line of defence against Covid-19, Sanitech have developed a state of the art fever screening station which checks and monitors the temperature of all people upon entering a building or establishment. This smart technology also collects the data and information of each visitor, allowing businesses to carefully manage and monitor social distancing. 

With contactless temperature detection via facial recognition software, the fever screening measures temperatures to medical standards of 0.2 of a degree accuracy, unlike cheap handheld models which can be up to 2 degree out. If linked into a network it can send email alerts for fever detection as well as audible fever alert. Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser fitted to the heavy duty metal stand. Works with or without a face mask. The stand is coated in Sanitech plus which is a coating for any hard surface interior or exterior that provides antibacterial protection for 90 days!! This doesn’t need a staff member to operate once set up so ideal for busy venues and workplaces and on average it processes 10 people per minute

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